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Your VW T6 and VW T6.1 Buyer’s Guide

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The Inimitable VW T6 Campervan

Launched in 2015, the Volkswagen Transporter T6 introduced significant advancements in VW’s T-series, including cutting-edge technology, better fuel efficiency, and superior comfort. This evolution continued with the introduction of the T6.1 in 2019, which built upon the T6’s foundation with further technological enhancements, improved safety features, and even more refined driving dynamics. Ideal for daily activities and adventures alike, the T6 and T6.1 offer modern, versatile drives, with the T6.1 being the latest model available before the new VW T7’s launch in 2025.

This guide outlines key features of the VW T6 and T6.1 vans, how they compare to the VW T5, and covers FAQs about these models and Volkswagen Transporters in general. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of whether a VW T6 or T6.1 campervan conversion is the right investment for you. We’ll also give you an overview of our own VW T6 camper conversions for sale currently.

At A Glance: Why Choose the VW T6 Series?

Versatility for Everyday and Adventure

Both VW Transporter T6 models strike a perfect balance between daily utility and adventure readiness. Spacious for routine tasks like shopping and versatile enough for weekend getaways, they serve as ideal choices for those seeking a single vehicle that can handle various lifestyle needs. Their capacity to transform into comfortable campervans adds another layer of appeal for explorers.
vw t6 campervan at campsite
Close-up of grill on a VW T6 van VW emblem

Proven Reliability

Volkswagen’s legacy of reliability continues with the T6 and T6.1 models, known for their lasting performance and minimal maintenance needs. Both models are designed with the functionality to cater to newcomers to larger vehicles and seasoned drivers alike, ensuring dependable service for both short commutes and long voyages

Spacious & Easy to Customise

The T6 series offers a spacious interior that caters to a range of activities, from family trips to adventure travels, enhanced by safety features such as lane assist and adaptive cruise control. Their design facilitates easy customisation, allowing for personal touches or full campervan conversions, making each vehicle uniquely suited to its owner’s needs.
Interior of a customised VW T6 campervan from CamperKing
VW T6 Campervan

Lasting Value

Both the T6 and T6.1 maintain their value over time, a testament to Volkswagen’s quality craftsmanship. Their blend of functionality, comfort, and efficient performance makes them preferred choices for those looking for a vehicle that excels in both daily tasks and as a dependable travel partner. With updates in technology and safety in the T6.1, Volkswagen enhances these models’ appeal, ensuring they remain competitive and desirable in the market.

Key Specs and Features of the VW Transporter T6 and T6.1 Models


The dimensions of both the VW T6 and T6.1 vans are consistent across both models, maintaining the practicality and versatility VW vans are known for. However, the T6.1 introduced slight modifications to the exterior design, which might affect dimensions minutely due to new styling elements.

  • VW T6 Length: The SWB version measures around 4,904mm, and the LWB version about 5,304mm.
  • VW T6.1 Length: Remains largely the same as the T6, with the SWB and LWB versions maintaining these lengths.
  • VW T6 Width: Approximately 1,904mm without mirrors; with mirrors, it’s around 2,297mm.
  • VW T6.1 Width: Stays consistent with the T6 dimensions.
  • VW T6 Height: Varies from about 1,990mm to 2,476mm depending on the model and specifications.
  • VW T6.1 Height: Similar to the T6, with slight variations based on specific configurations and added features.


Engine & Performance

  • VW T6: Offers TDI diesel engines ranging from 84 PS to 204 PS. Available with 4MOTION all-wheel drive, providing a blend of efficiency and performance.
  • VW T6.1: Continues to offer TDI diesel engines with updated emissions standards compliance. Introduced a new diesel-electric hybrid option for enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, marking a step forward in eco-friendly performance.

Interior and Comfort

  • T6: Improved interior quality over its predecessor, with better materials and comfort. The infotainment system received updates for a more connected experience.
  • T6.1: Introduced a significantly redesigned dashboard and the latest generation of VW’s infotainment systems, including the option for a digital cockpit. Enhanced ergonomics and material quality further improve comfort and user experience.


Technology and Safety

  • T6: Featured advancements in safety technology, such as adaptive cruise control and lane assist, alongside a comprehensive airbag system.
  • T6.1: Built on the T6’s offerings with additional driver assistance systems like Crosswind Assist as standard, an updated Adaptive Cruise Control, and an enhanced Lane Assist, making it one of the safest vehicles in its class. Also, the introduction of an electronic parking brake and a more sophisticated infotainment system with integrated online services and connectivity options marked a significant technological leap.

Looking for your dream VW T6 or T6.1 campervan conversion?

Key Differences Between the T6 and T6.1:

Technological Advancements:

  • T6: Included Adaptive Cruise Control and Front Assist.
  • T6.1: Enhanced safety with Crosswind Assist standard, plus improved Lane Assist and Park Assist.


Interior and Comfort:

  • T6: Offered adaptable interior space for various needs.
  • VW T6.1: Enhanced with higher quality materials, redesigned dashboard, and more customisation.

Exterior Styling:

  • T6: Classic Transporter design with minor updates.
  • T6.1: Significant facelift with sharper design, new front end, and LED lighting.

Performance and Efficiency:

  • T6: Range of reliable and efficient TDI diesel engines.
  • T6.1: Engines updated for stricter emissions, introduced a diesel-electric hybrid option, moving towards sustainability.

What Is the Difference Between a VWT5 and a VWT6 Transporter?


The T6 refined the T5, including better engine efficiency, improved interior design, and advanced safety features. It evolves from the T5 with a focus on modern technology, making it appealing for those seeking updated campervan functionalities. 

Is a VW T6 bigger than a T5?

No, both the T6 and T6.1 maintain similar dimensions to the T5, focusing on updates in technology rather than size changes. Both series offer comparable length, width, and height, ensuring the T6 and T6.1 remain as practical and versatile as their predecessor.

Should I get a T5, a T6, or a T6.1?

Choosing between the T5, T6, and T6.1 depends on your preference for newer features against budget constraints. The T6 models offer improved fuel efficiency, safety enhancements, and better comfort, suited for those valuing updated design. Conversely, the T5 provides reliable value for those less focused on the latest technology. The T6.1 is the latest available model, so is the most in-demand due to its improved features and will therefore come at a higher price point.


Explore Our VW T6 and T6.1 Campervan Conversions


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FAQs about VW Transporter T6 and T6.1

Are VW Transporters worth the money?
VW Transporters offer strong reliability, durability, and good resale value, making them a sound investment. Their versatility for commercial and camper conversion use, along with superior build quality and performance, justifies their initial price. Despite a higher upfront cost, their longevity, utility, and robust demand ensure a worthwhile ownership experience.
Do VW Transporters hold their value?
Yes, VW Transporters hold strong residual value thanks to their reliability, versatility, and widespread popularity. The brand’s quality reputation and the vehicles’ performance in both new and used markets contribute to their ability to retain value, making them a smart choice for lasting value.
Is the Transporter T6 reliable?
The VW Transporter T6 is known for its reliability, incorporating solid construction, dependable engines, and durability improvements. Regular maintenance and care further enhance its reliability, making the T6 a favoured option among enthusiasts and commercial users.
How many miles can a VW Transporter do on a full tank?
The distance a VW Transporter can travel on a full tank varies depending on the model, engine type, and driving conditions. On average, a VW Transporter T6 with a diesel engine can travel between 500 to 600 miles on a full tank, considering it has a fuel tank capacity of approximately 70 litres and an average fuel consumption of around 35-40 miles per gallon (MPG) in mixed driving conditions.
How long does a VW Transporter engine last?
The lifespan of a VW Transporter engine depends on regular maintenance, driving habits, and usage. A well-maintained VW Transporter engine can last over 200,000 miles. Some owners have reported engines running well beyond this mileage with proper care and timely servicing.
How much horsepower does a T5 vs T6 have?
The VW Transporter T5 engines range in horsepower from 84 hp to 180 hp across various diesel engine options. In contrast, the VW Transporter T6 engines offer a broader range, from 84 hp up to 204 hp, reflecting improvements in performance and engine technology between the two models.
Are VW Transporter vans hard to drive?
Drivers often find VW Transporters surprisingly agile and easy to handle, even for those not accustomed to driving larger vehicles. Transporters feature modern driving aids, such as power steering, rear parking sensors, and in later models, advanced driver assistance systems like adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist, which contribute to a more manageable driving experience. The driving position is elevated, offering good visibility, and the controls are intuitive and user-friendly.