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Camper King was incorporated in 2010.

We build all of the Camper King products at our factory in the Warwickshire countryside. Our showroom at Warmington has lots of vans in stock and accessories to try out. Our showroom is located just a short drive from either M40 Junction 11 or 12.

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As a rapidly expanding company, we are always looking for like-minded people to join our teams in Banbury and Kineton. We offer a friendly working environment, great training and competitive salary in exchange for an honest and hardworking approach and ‘can do’ attitude.

We are currently recruiting, to find out more about these opportunities, call on 01295 237920 for a confidential chat or apply and send us your CV and details about your previous experience.

What we do

To build a great VW camper you first have to start with the right donor van.

We take great care in selecting the right vehicles before we begin. This starts with choosing from a panel of trusted suppliers (usually main dealers and specialists).

We have set criteria to ensure that the vans meet our provenance checks and ultimately give us the best possible platform to begin our camper conversions.

All the vehicles must have a credible and proven service history, HPI clearance to ensure the vehicle is free from any finance, insurance company or police interest. A full and renewed MOT certificate prior to build, and all the required registration documents from the DVLA.

We ensure these aspects are all in place because we invest in this VW camper product before our customers do.

Testing the product

All our fitted items are the best on the market because cheap alternatives will not last, and its typical that you only find out something is broken when you are a long way from home. We choose to work only with products that are market leaders renowned for innovation, safety and quality for example M1 tested bed systems. The aim is clear, to deliver a superior product, and more importantly the best long term customer experience.

But we don’t just stop there,  our product has been through a testing program to make sure it works in the more challenging conditions it may face, It is easy to take a camper to the beach and claim it does its job, but what if you’re caught in colder or even freezing weather conditions, visibility on left hand drive roads, wind noise and high speed cruising? After all “life is not always a beach!!”

We run winter testing sessions on our conversions so that we can confidently claim that it is fit to tackle most things it encounters, from Sweden in December, through to Denmark and Poland reaching minus 27 degrees Celsius, or The Autobahns of Germany at high speed exceeding 100 MPH where allowed. Soundproofing and cabin creak tests on Mountain passes in the Alps. You name it our conversion has had to endure it.

The result of this is that we are able to give a full guarantee on all of the converted items on a Camper King conversion, we have confidence in our product and so can you.

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