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CamperKing Campervan Warranty

Camper King Warranty Programme

Our rolling lifetime warranty

Our ‘rolling lifetime warranty’ is what sets us apart from every other campervan converter out there and what gives you complete peace of mind when purchasing from us.

All CamperKing campervan conversions are warrantied for 12 months from the date of purchase, this warranty will then be renewed every time your vehicle requires its annual habitation check.

Any campervan purchased through an authorised third-party dealer of Camper King will be covered under our rolling lifetime warranty programme, providing the terms of this agreement are maintained.

If your vehicle is under 3 years old, it will also benefit from VW’s comprehensive vehicle warranty.

Please see the specific details about each individual vehicle to determine if it is covered by additional warranties.

Discover more about each of the warranties we offer below:

Conversion warranty

VW vehicle warranty

Mechanical work warranty

Paintwork warranty

CamperKing conversion warranty 

What does the CamperKing conversion warranty cover?

First year warranty cover

Your first year Camper King Warranty covers:

  • All mechanical work
  • Installed electrical components
  • Paint and bodywork, which includes paint packs, two tones, and full-body re-sprays.
    Paintwork damage caused by outside influence or accidental damage is not covered

We have the right to change this list as we see fit, any decisions will be made by the management team on a case-by-case basis.

This warranty is provided on the condition that you maintain your vehicle as and when required.

Maintenance includes checking of levels and topping up where necessary.

Special care must be taken when operating moving parts, including hob/sink lids and gas grill doors.

It should be noted that excessive force applied can result in damages, which may then not be covered under the warranty.

Worktop surfaces should be maintained and cleaned with normal household cleaning products.

Excessive heat applied to the worktop can cause heat marks which will not be covered under the warranty, We always advise using heatproof mats or similar when placing hot items on the work surfaces.

The warranty is also subject to fair wear and tear policy and excludes any user error or accidental damage. If you do not meet this condition fully, we may reject a claim under the warranty and all benefits to you under this warranty may be forfeited and we will be released from all obligations to you. You are responsible for the costs of this maintenance.

Rolling lifetime warranty

Our rolling lifetime warranty covers all components and the workmanship of your campervan that we as the manufacturer have installed as part of its conversion. This essentially means that all work carried out by us and all components we have used as part of its build are covered should they fail. This is providing you have kept up to date with the camper’s annual habitation check.

What does the habitation check consist of?

The habitation check is a chargeable, multi-point check and is solely in place to ensure the safety and usability of your campervan. It looks primarily at your 12v electrics, ventilation, fire safety, mains electrics, water system, gas system, and bed and roof system. It is not a mechanical test and does not include testing of any VW manufactured components and does not replace the vehicle service schedule.

Our rolling lifetime warranty specifically covers the following items:

  • Fridge
  • Hob/sink
  • Grill (where fitted)
  • Oven (where fitted)
  • Electrical system, including the fuse box and electronic battery charger
  • Power management system
  • Smart charging system (where fitted)
  • Diesel heater (where fitted)
  • Bed
  • Interior fixtures and fittings, including lights, hinges, and push locks
  • Gas safety components
  • Electrical components
  • Water system components
  • Roof shell, including struts
  • Elevating bed, including struts
  • Swivel seat mechanism (where fitted)

Fair wear and tear policy

The warranty is subject to a fair wear and tear policy and excludes any user error or accidental damage.

During the service life of your vehicle, normal degradation will naturally occur to some components, we term this ‘wear and tear’. For instance, components, which are subjected to constant or sustained periods of movement, such as hinges, gas struts, and locking mechanisms but not limited to these components would be subject to wear and tear.

Dependent on the age and mileage of your vehicle, we may not be able to cover this type of failure and the cost of replacement may be your responsibility, this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Any furniture fascia or worktops subject to excessive heat from heat sources causing damage or marking.

Vehicle abuse and accidental damage to any components of the van and/or conversion will not be covered under warranty.

Any perishable items installed would not be covered under your rolling lifetime warranty.

Care and maintenance

Care and maintenance, where required, is essential, and if not adhered to will void any warranty. Examples of the care and maintenance that is to be expected include:

  • Taking special care when operating moving parts including hob/sink lids, and gas grill doors
  • Not applying excessive force to any aspect of the campervan conversion
  • Utilising heatproof mats when placing hot items on the work surfaces, as excessive heat can cause marks that are not covered under the warranty

Business and commercial use

Any vehicles suspected to be used for hire will immediately void their ‘rolling lifetime warranty’ with CamperKing and fall under a wholesale pricing structure for any maintenance and repair work required. Details of this are available from our service centre.

Items excluded from the CamperKing conversion warranty

  • Paintwork
  • Vehicle components (electrical and mechanical)
  • Leisure batteries
  • Vehicle batteries
  • Upholstery wear and tear
  • Mattress wear and tear
  • Roof canvas wear and tear
  • Graphics
  • Glass, framework, and seals

VW vehicle warranty

All new VW Transporter vans benefit from VW’s comprehensive 3 year warranty from the date of registration.

As part of this warranty, VW will fix any problems with manufacture or workmanship, completely free of charge.

New VW Transporter vans are covered for the first 2 years with unlimited mileage, whilst this is limited to 100,000 miles in the 3rd year.

What does VW’s vehicle warranty cover?

  • The repair or replacement of defective parts according to technical requirements determined by the manufacturer
  • The repair of any consequential damage to standard components caused by a manufacturing defect
  • Any labour costs involved in the removal or installation of parts required for warranty repairs. You may, however, be charged for any extra work caused by modifications to your vehicle, such as the removal and refitting of a towbar that has been fitted after manufacture
  • Paintwork defects that are not caused by external influences such as accident damage, stone chips, industrial fallout or pollution, plant resin, animal pollutants, chemicals, or insufficient care or maintenance
  • The base vehicle only. Warranty for the campervan conversion is provided by CamperKing, as detailed above

Mechanical work warranty

This refers to any mechanical work that you have had undertaken at our in-house service department.

All Camper King parts and mechanical work carry a 12 month warranty, unless otherwise stated.

Vehicle abuse and accidental damage to mechanical parts of the van will not be covered under the mechanical warranty.

Paintwork warranty

This refers to any spraying or paintwork repairs that you have had undertaken at the CamperKing Bodyshop.

All Camper King paintwork carries a 12 month warranty, unless otherwise stated.

Paintwork damage caused by outside influence or accidental damage will not be covered under the paintwork warranty.

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