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VW Camper Van Insurance

At CamperKing, we aim to provide you with an all-round experience when it comes to purchasing your Volkswagen campervan. For this reason, we recommend two specialist campervan insurance providers – Safeguard and Howden Insurance.

Campervan insurance

Safeguard Insurance

As keen caravanners and motorhomers themselves, Safeguard provides a range of insurance products to suit the needs of those looking to insure a campervan. Whether you are a creature of habit returning to the same site whenever the opportunity presents itself, or you love to take your campervan abroad and explore the continent, Safeguard will have an insurance policy to suit your needs.

Why choose Safeguard to protect your campervan?

Breakdown cover from the AA

There’s never a good time for a breakdown. But with Safeguard, whether you’re in the UK or EU, you’ll know the UK’s biggest breakdown provider will be there to make sure you get back on the road.

Peace of mind when you travel in the EUA

You needn’t worry about accidents, thefts or breaking down abroad. Your policy will cover you for any EU road trips, for up to 365 days.

Unlimited windscreen repair and replacement

Where adventure is concerned, chips and cracks come with the territory. So we provide unlimited windscreen and body glass replacement or repair.

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Safeguard Insurance

Howden Insurance

Howden Insurance are passionate about vans – everything from self-build or professionally converted campervans, motorhomes, catering vans and dog grooming, you name it, they will try and cover it. As a specialist modified vehicles branch, they offer multiple insurance schemes, meaning they can cover a whole range of modified campers or vans. They also love being part of the campervan community, attending shows and festivals so that they can interact with clients face-to-face whenever possible, as well as taking part in charity events and convoys. For Howden, it’s more than just insurance!

Why choose Howden Insurance?

  • Howden Insurance has a range of features and benefits so you can be confident that you’re getting the right cover:“Like for like” cover on permanently fitted equipment on specialist policies
  • Sole use camper policies with business use
  • Up to 180 days European Cover
  • In-house claims specialist
  • Choice of repairers
  • No fee for plate changes
  • Multi-vehicle discounts

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