Finance your Camper King

Camper King offers up to 10 years on finance on your perfect Camper Van with no deposit required. This means you can create a completely bespoke finance agreement to suit your individual needs. You can even part exchange your current vehicle to be used as a deposit or even cashback!

Call us or visit us for a no obligation finance quote from one of our partners.

Our Finance partners offer competitively priced loans, with no initial deposit requirement and 2 – 10 year terms.

Lease Purchase

Lease Purchase agreements are a great way of regularly upgrading your van or just simply keeping the term shorter. You can defer 55% of the vehicle’s value to the end of the agreement. At the end of the loan period, the end payment can be settled for you to obtain vehicle ownership or if you need a little more time, the end payment can be refinanced for a further period under a new agreement. You can settle the outstanding finance with no fees during the agreed period by requesting a settlement figure. You have the option of setting the deposit to suit.

Lease purchase offers lower monthly payments because the proportion of the vehicles future value is offset until the end of the agreement. You do not own the vehicle until all payments are made. Overall the cost of the product may be higher than Hire Purchase.

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is the more traditional approach to funding your Camper. With an initial deposit, agreement term and monthly repayment amount, your Camper King Van is all yours once the repayments, including interest have been paid. Borrow any amount from £2500 and set repayments over 2 – 10 years. You pay a fixed rate of interest and have fixed monthly payments to make budgeting easy.

Hire Purchase is ideal if you want to own your Camper Van at the end of the finance period, you want to know your exact amount of repayments each month and do not want a final lump sum payment.

Consider that you do not own the Camper Van until all repayments have been made and your Camper Van is at risk of repossession if you cannot meet the repayment terms.


We can also settle existing finance.

Camper King Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FRN 775368 and work in association with Mann Island Finance, Evolution Funding and Black Horse Finance.

Insuring your Camper?

All our camper van conversions are registered correctly with the DVLA as per insurance terms.

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