Eberspacher Airtronic 801 D2 12v Diesel Heater Kit – October 2017 Special Offer! (includes fitting)

Item specifics:

Eberspacher Airtronic 801 D2 12v. Diesel Heater only £995* + VAT fitted for all bookings in October 2017 only. *Saving £400 (Usually £1395 + VAT)

 For a small van or high-end luxury motorhome, an Eberspacher Airtronic 801 is a compact and economical heater.  The D2 offers optimized fuel efficiency, a range of operation modes and unsurpassed safety standards.

 The Eberspacher Airtronic 801 can be used for a range of vehicles:  vans, small buses, caravans, campervans, mobile homes, horseboxes, lorries and other applications.

 Full Heater Kit Includes:

 – Airtronic D2 Heater

– Airtronic Mini Modulator with temperature regulation

– All electrical harnesses and connections

– 1.0 metre of stainless steel exhaust pipe

– 1.0 metre of combustion Intake pipe

– 1 60mm Air outlet

– Fuel system plastic, with fuel metering pump

– 1 metre 60mm flexible ducting

– Air entry and air outlet grills

– All necessary clips and screws

– Comprehensive installation manual on CD



 – Power setting for direct, fast heating of the interior air for especially short heating times.

 – Automatic continuous interior temperature control with temperature pre-selection.

 – Customised comfort from a broad control range and the lowest Low setting on the market.

 – Quiet night operation.

 – Low fuel and electricity consumption – ideal if you require long operating periods.

 – Space-saving, easy to install compact equipment.

 – Stops condensation from forming on the windscreen.

– 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty 



 – Electronic heat output controller for Airtronic heater range

– Adjustable temperature set point display

– Diagnostic readout (resettable)

– 12 or 24 volt operation (dual voltage)

– Integrated external temperature sensor included

– Ambient temperature display

– One hour shut down option

– Digital display of set point and ambient

– Simple ON / OFF switching

– LED indication of Heating on (green) and Ventilation on (blue)

– Ventilation switching option with active display

– Water heater compatible

– Times back light with key operation

– Surface mount

SALE - £995* + VAT fitted