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Jodie Stagg – CamperKing Ambassador

Jodie Stagg CamperKing Ambassador

Along with her husband, Giles, Jodie Stagg is a CamperKing owner, and the proprietor of Sip ‘n’ Swig, a bespoke mobile bar service. Jodie Stagg loves the campervan life and regularly utilises her campervan as part of her business.

Jodie’s introduction to CamperKing came by way of her husband who had played hockey with CamperKing’s owner, Spencer, for years, with both husband and wife then coming to work for the company. 

After four years working for CamperKing, both Jodie and Giles left to concentrate on the running of Sip ‘n’ Swig. However, whilst no longer a CamperKing employee, Jodie has remained at the heart of the business by being an active participant in Club CamperKing, the community which she helped found.

Prior to her introduction to CamperKing, Jodie wasn’t a camper but after borrowing a campervan, both she and Giles found that it suited their lifestyle after having their little boy, Dalton.

In their two years of ownership, they have also found their campervan has become an asset to their business. Regularly taking their campervan to events, it is used at outdoor events with an awning out and the bar in front. Whilst during the winter, the campervan’s hob is used for the preparation of hot chocolate.

Away from work, Jodie loves that she is able to get away without much thought behind it – simply being able to get in and go.

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