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Your VW T7 Buyer’s Guide

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An Exciting New Direction for the VW Transporter Series

As anticipation builds for the VW Transporter T7, expected to be available for pre-order in certain markets by late 2024, enthusiasts and potential buyers are keen to discover what this new iteration of Volkswagen’s iconic van series has in store. Expected to redefine versatility, comfort, and efficiency, the T7 is poised to continue the legacy of its predecessors while introducing significant advancements.

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What’s New About the VW Transporter T7?

The VW T7 marks a significant leap in the iconic series with a focus on hybrid technology. Riding on the advanced MQB Evo platform, the T7 will debut with a mix of petrol, diesel, and, for the first time, a plug-in hybrid powertrain, showcasing Volkswagen’s stride towards sustainable innovation. This evolution reflects a commitment to environmental stewardship without sacrificing the versatility and performance the series is known for.



What’s the Difference Between the VW T7 and the T7 Multivan?

The T7 Transporter, distinct from the T7 Multivan, offers a more versatile and innovative solution for a new generation of enthusiasts seeking to explore the world in comfort and style. Unlike the Multivan, which is a car-based people-mover, the T7 Transporter is a panel van built on a separate platform.

While the T7 Multivan is underpinned by the MQB architecture, the T7 Transporter and Caravelle share a distinct platform. Both the Transporter and Caravelle will be available with turbo diesel and plug-in hybrid powertrains, similar to the T7 Multivan, but with their own unique capabilities and target audiences.


Why Choose the VW T7?

Building on a Strong Foundation


The VW T7 is anticipated to mark a new chapter in Volkswagen’s storied van lineage, drawing from the solid base and beloved features of the T6 and T6.1 models. With Volkswagen’s history of continuous improvement, the T7 is expected to enhance versatility, comfort, and efficiency, offering a more refined and adaptable vehicle.

VW T7 Campervan headlight shot
Interior steering wheel of VW T7 van

Innovative Design and Functionality


While specific details of the T7 remain under wraps, the evolution of Volkswagen’s design philosophy suggests that the T7 will offer significant interior flexibility and technological advancements. Drawing on the successes of previous models, the T7 is likely to feature a design that supports a wide range of uses, from commercial applications to bespoke campervan conversions, prioritising comfort and versatility.

Space Mastery and Customisation


Based on the progression from the T6 to the T6.1, the T7 is expected to excel in spatial efficiency and customisability. Anticipated improvements may include enhanced cargo space, modular seating arrangements, and innovative storage solutions, all aimed at maximising every journey’s comfort and convenience.

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VW T7 campervan electric charging port

Eco-friendly Performance


Reflecting Volkswagen’s commitment to sustainability, the T7 is likely to include eco-friendly options such as advanced diesel engines, a plug-in hybrid variant, and potentially an all-electric model. These advancements will aim to provide a balance of power and eco-conscious efficiency, setting new benchmarks for the series.

A New Era for VW Transporter Vans


The VW T7 is poised to represent the culmination of Volkswagen’s expertise in van design, combining sleek aesthetics with the latest in green technology and digital connectivity. For those who value practicality alongside a commitment to environmental stewardship and cutting-edge features, the T7 promises to be an emblem of modern, versatile travel, continuing the Transporter’s legacy into a new era.

VW t7 campervan interior shot

Key Specs and Features of the VW Transporter T7


While full details of the new VW T7 are not fully confirmed yet, here’s an at-a-glance look at what you can expect:


  • The latest Transporter has grown in size, measuring 5,050mm in length – a 146mm increase over the previous model. Its wheelbase has also been extended by 97mm to 3,100mm, with an optional 400mm-longer variant available for a total length of 5,450mm. Additionally, the Transporter’s exterior width has expanded by 128mm to 2,032mm (excluding mirrors).


Engine & Performance

  • Engine Options: Engine Options: The T7 Transporter lineup includes turbo diesel engines with outputs of 81 kW (110 ps), 110 kW (150 ps), and 125 kW (170 ps) under Volkswagen’s long-standing TDI nameplate. Additionally, a plug-in hybrid variant, the Transporter eHybrid, offers 171 kW (233 ps), and an all-electric eTransporter version provides power ranging from 85 to 210 kW (116 to 286 ps)..
  • Eco-friendly Options: Emphasising sustainability, the T7 introduces a plug-in hybrid eHybrid model alongside an all-electric eTransporter, reflecting Volkswagen’s commitment to reducing emissions and advancing towards a greener future.

Technology and Safety:

  • The T7 is equipped with advanced technology and safety features to ensure a secure and comfortable driving experience. Highlights include LED headlights and taillights, a 12-inch digital instrument cluster, a 13-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Lane Assist, Autonomous Emergency Braking Front Assist, and Dynamic Road Sign Display, among others.


Additional Features

  • The Transporter eHybrid features front-wheel drive, while TDI-powered models have an option for 4MOTION all-wheel drive for the 110 kW and 125 kW engines. The eTransporter starts with rear-wheel drive, with plans for a dual-motor version to follow.
  • Load capacities range from 5.8 to 9.0 cubic meters, with a maximum payload improvement over the T6.1 and a maximum trailer weight of 2.8 tons.
  • Enhanced standard equipment begins with LED lighting, with high-roof and long-wheelbase options available for the panel van and Kombi variants.

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What’s the Difference Between VW T6 and T7?


The transition to the MQB Evo platform in the T7 not only brings in hybrid and electric drivetrains but also elevates the interior experience with modern luxuries and enhanced flexibility.

The shift towards a more opulent MPV segment, along with innovative features like electric sliding doors and a more car-like driving experience, marks a pivotal evolution from the T6, promising a blend of tradition and cutting-edge technology for the contemporary traveller.


Should I get a VW T6 or T7?

No, both the T6 and T6.1 maintain similar dimensions to the T5, focusing on updates in technology rather than size changes. Both series offer comparable length, width, and height, ensuring the T6 and T6.1 remain as practical and versatile as their predecessor.


Should I get a T5, a T6, or a T6.1?

Choosing between the VW T6 and T7 comes down to a preference for traditional performance (T6) versus advanced technology and sustainability (T7). The T7’s introduction of plug-in hybrid technology, along with significant improvements in space and modern amenities, presents a compelling proposition for those seeking the latest in automotive innovation. It’s worth noting that these innovations mean the VW T7 will have a higher price point than the older VW T6 model.

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FAQs about the VW Transporter T7

When will the new VW T7 be released?
While specific launch dates can vary by region, the VW T7 is anticipated for pre-order in certain markets by late 2024, with first deliveries expected in early 2025.
What is the electric range of the VW T7 e-Hybrid?

The VW T7 e-Hybrid boasts an electric range of 46 to 50 kilometres (29–31 miles) under the WLTP cycle, and 58–60 kilometres (36–37 miles) according to the NEDC cycle.

How long does it take to charge the VW T7 e-Hybrid?

The T7 e-Hybrid can be charged in about three and a half hours using a 3.6 kW AC charger. This enables quick and convenient recharging for daily electric driving.