VW Servicing

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We have a full service department and can offer all aspects of Servicing and MOT testing for your camper, as well as renewing Habitation certificates.

We have courtesy cars so you can book your van in and simply drop it off, then carry on with your day. We will stay in touch and let you know when your work has been completed.

We offer a comprehensive program to cover all of your servicing needs

Standard interval or Long life servicing:

Periodically your van will need standard servicing done to check and replace certain lubricants and dynamic parts, This will ensure your van runs reliably and also preserves the best possible re sale value when its time to replace it for a new one.

Cambelt and Major services:

Volkswagens Transporters require ( dependant on model ) a renewed drive belt ( cambelt ) and other ancillary engine items every few years or after long mileage periods, it is crucial that this is done when required, and we can advise you on when that is needed on your van.

Habitation Annual Checks

We offer a full services check for campers, including Gas re testing, electrical performance tests and water system checks, upon successful completion your van will be issued a renewed certificate, which should be re done every year.




Warranty and peace of mind

All of our conversions have an automatic 12 month no quibble warranty to cover all aspects of the conversion work , right from the top of the pop top roof to the bottom of the tow bars,

Whenever you feel you need a question answered or an issue sorted out, ,Our full time service department is only a phone call away

All new owners are set up on our system on the day of handover to activate our warranty services and also inform you of important updates and annual renewals for your van, we will be in touch when your tests and re checks are required


We’ve collated a series of tips, quick fixes and general care advice to ensure your camper runs smoothly and you avoid any common problems when out on the road! These are all broken down into sections below to help you find what you need.

Camping Checklist = What you will need when you get started

Care Advice = How to look after your pride and joy

General Tips = The main points to owning your van

Quick Fix = Little fixes, checks and repair guides

We welcome any additional tips from seasoned campers too, so just drop us an email with your advice, there might even be a Camper King goodie bag awarded for the best tip!

General Tips

Insurance, who, where, what, how ???

We recommend SafeGuard insurance for the following reasons:

1. They know what a ” Camper conversion ” is

2. They have a dedicated team that deals with campers

3. They know our company and can establish better costs for your conversion

4. They are independent and competitive


Call them on 0800 588 4986

Quick Fix

How does : The Power system work

Your power management system controls the services inside your van, to operate lights, electrical appliances, and your water supply you will need to be familiar with it

  1. Button to check the drink water tank.
  2. Button to check the leisure battery.
  3. Button to check the car battery.
  4. Awning light switch, it switches automatically off when you startup the engine.
  5. Leds to signal the drink water tank levels
  6. It shows the waste water tank test, the blinking indicates the full tank alarm.
  7. Blinking led to signal the full waste water tank; the alarm is indicated also from the blinking of the led.
  8. It shows the car and leisure batteries recharging through engine alternator.
  9. It shows the car battery test, the blinking indicates the discharged battery alarm.
  10. It shows the leisure battery test, the blinking indicates the discharged battery alarm.

11. Led to signal 230V net on.

  1. Led-Voltmeter to check the voltage of the car and leisure batteries.
  2. Awning light switch; this ext light switches automatically off when you start up the engine, depends on the main switch.

14. Waterpump switch; it controls the pump relays and depends on the main switch.

15. Mains general switch, the blinking of the led indicates that the battery is discharged and the next intervention of the minimal voltage control.

Care Advice

Water tank maintenance


Camping Checklist

Travel to Europe

When you are planning to Travel to Europe, you need to ensure you have the following:

1. Warning triangle

2. High viz vest for each passenger

3. First Aid Kit

4. Alcohol Breathalyser ( Not always enforced but better safe than sorry )

5. European roadside assistance cover, with re-patriation included

6. GB badges or euro plates

7. Headlight adjusters or re alignment for left hand driving

Failure to have these items could result in your trip being greatly effected so ensure you plan carefully and take what you need

Insurance for your journey

At Camper King we aim to provide you with an all round experience when it comes to purchasing your VW Camper Van and we have therefore joined forces with SafeGuard insurance broker to bring you an effective insurance solution call T: 0800 588 4986.  www.safeguarduk.co.uk/dealers.


‘Mention Camper King’s name and they will give you a 12 months for the price of 10 months insurance’.