Volkswagen Camperking

Hi Spencer,

Hope you are well. Our first adventure in the T5 was a resounding success.

Arrived on Exmoor Friday evening as dusk was falling. Unfortunately, hadn’t sussed the sat nav before setting off and with failing light and failing eyesight, struggled to read the instructions!! Only had the postcode of the campsite we were heading for in Doone Valley. Eventually found it by which time it was pitch black. Set up camp by a fast flowing river, got holed in and hoped for the best. Bearing in mind it was very dark, the van was new to us and this was our first time, everything was amazingly easy. Popped the roof up set up the table, kettle on and the fun began!!

The facilities on the site, apart from the loos, were out of use due to frozen pipes. Not a good start but who needs a shower anyway. We warmed up a curry I’d made at home the night before, corked a bottle of wine, listened to the radio and played cards. The bed was very simple to set up and we were certainly ready for it by the time we had finished the wine. The heating went on for 10 minutes before we got in and we stayed toastie all night. Next morning we drove up onto the moors for breakfast with a view. Fried some eggs and ham whilst watching the buzzards, wild ponies and red deer out of the van window. Had a fabulous walk then returned to the same campsite before dark. The fridge was still stocked so cooked up a pasta then set out to win back my losses at cards. Next morning we had a valentines breakfast before heading over to Lynmouth. Cheated that night (as I was extremely ready for a hot bath by then and the showers on site were STILL frozen up), and stayed at the Rising Sun. Champagne, oysters and a four poster were nice but not as much fun as the van AND you can’t choose where to have breakfast!!

Next day the weather was amazing, blue skies and crisp sunshine. Drove to The Valley of the Rocks. Sat with the doors open drinking fresh coffee and finally got around to reading the Sunday papers. Had a lazy couple of days touring round the coast, visited Porlock, Dunster and lots of other places before wandering home on Wednesday morning as there was snow forecast and we didn’t want to get caught out. The van has performed admirably. I can’t believe how easy it is even for me to drive (I like my automatics). We’re delighted with it and just wish we had done this years ago instead of deliberating. Can I just say that your service has been exceptional which has made the whole experience so much more pleasant, particularly in view of our lack of knowledge.

Anyway, Lakes next weekend provided the snow clears off then hopefully up to Scotland.

Kind regards.

Michelle and Mark