Gandalf’s Adventures Round 2 With Bilbo

A day Van or a Camper? That is the question!!

Dear Joeleen and the Camper King Team,

One  Monday  morning in early June I was relaxing on the drive at home and suddenly  there was a lot of activity around me.

My tailgate was opened and Karen started putting things inside my storage spaces and I wasn’t really sure what on earth was going on, especially when I  felt a funny rushing feeling as she started to fill my water tank right up!

She put things put in the cupboards too and much more than just the milk, teabags and biscuits that she took on our last day out.

Then we got on the M6 and drove north about 90 miles to The Lake District and to a lovely town called Keswick.

I started to get really excited when we drove down a quiet road and I saw lots of vehicles parked up in a field near a lake, some like me and some much bigger too.

We drove around them all and then stopped at the far end of the field where Karen reversed me into a space (she’s getting much better at this now!). We got all settled and had a snack and she got her little compact lightweight chairs out for a nice relax after a long but beautiful drive.


Then Karen locked me up to go out hiking up one of the beautiful hills and mountains that I could see all around me.

She apologised for leaving me but  gave me a lovely present to keep me company while she was gone and told me his name was Bilbo and that the 3 of us were going to have some great adventures together!

Well I was so worried about her going out into the hills that I asked my new friend Bilbo to keep a look out for her.

Before she went out Karen found a really lovely feature of mine that she hadn’t noticed before and unrolled the canvass from the windows  in my pop top roof.

So Bilbo jumped up there so he could look out for her, as he had a great view of all the hills and mountains from his new window seat!



It was getting late when she returned but she looked really happy after a day out on the hills and had invited some of her hiking friends back for a cup of tea.

They were all very impressed with me  and the fact that buying me had made Karen so happy. They all said how gorgeous I was, what a great job Camper King had done and how much they liked my colour scheme( so thank you Joeleen and Karen’s friend Steve for helping her choose the perfect interior for me!)

Later that night she had arranged to go for a walk with one of her friends to the lake to watch the sunset and I thought OHNO,here we go again, this is going to be another late night with a really long drive home!

Then she started to mess with my back seat and I wondered what on earth she was doing and the next thing, to my utter dismay, it collapsed completely!

At first I didn’t realised what was going on as  she wasn’t annoyed but instead put something  on the flat seat that felt lovely and warm and comfy. When Karen went off to watch the sunset over the lake, Bilbo thought it looked very inviting too and  jumped on it and then made himself very comfortable!

The most amazing thing happened when she came back though, as for the first time I didn’t have to drive all that way home!  I  realised then that wishes really do come true as we all snuggled up together for a cosy night!!

I am so happy to be fulfilling my purpose! I really am a Campervan now as we stayed for 4 whole days and NIGHTS!

The first morning Karen was a bit anxious about how easily she would be able to get my bed back into a seat. However, she needn’t have worried as Joeleen kindly suggested having a strap fitted to the seat to help her and I am very happy to report that it work perfectly!

So thank you Camper King for changing my life completely, not only do I  have a new friend but keep I hearing Karen tell everyone  how wonderful I am and how much she loves me and she absolutely adores Campervan life!

We can’t thank you enough for making all our dreams come true and Karen will keep recommending you to family and friends.

With lots of love until our next adventure!

Gandalf and Bilbo!! (Oh and Karen too) xx


Monte Carlo (SWB) |

Monte Carlo (SWB) Overview

  • Standard design:
  • Key features:
  • Optional extras:
  • *Finance:

Full pop top roof with adult rated upper bed system 

Rock n roll bed with storage cupboards 

Swivelling front passenger seat 

Combi sink and double hob unit

Full size grill 

50 litre fridge/freezer unit

Sliding coffee table 

Internal touch LED lighting system

Power management system 12v and 240v 

Water gauge and battery level indicators 

Auxiliary 12v fuse board for future upgrades 

Double 240 volt socket

Additional 12 volt sockets

16 amp battery charger unit built in

On board fresh water tank with electric pump (20 litres) 

Gas cupboard isolation taps and testing point unit

Multi storage lockers

Rear boot space for storage 

Spare wheel

12 month warranty 

Colour coded bumpers 

18/20” alloy wheels 

Wind out sunshade

Seats five people with seat belts

Full tested rock n roll bed with inertia seat belts for two people in the rear 

Standard wheelbase chassis offers more convenience and easier parking

Full camper facilities, water, electric supply, gas appliances

Full length pop top roof with upper bed system suitable for adults 

Central heating system, electric or diesel

Solar power upgrade

RIB Altair crash tested 2 seater bed

Camper King M1 safety pull tested bed system 

BBQ gas connection point

Mobile wifi upgrade

Stereo, sat nav and entertainment upgrade 

Tow bar, parking sensors

Exterior styling packages, alloys, sidebars etc 

Specialist upholstery options

*Terms and conditions apply. Deposit amounts may vary. Please contact us for full details.

From a full fit-out to some additional trims, our workshop is fully equipped to cater for it.

Monte Carlo (SWB) Campers for sale


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