We see lots of pictures on here of brand new busses looking resplendent on their maiden voyages, but we thought we would show you what an eight year old Camperking bus looks like.

We bought Billy Bus from Camperking in 2011 when the company was in its fledgling years. He has been our daily drive ever since and goes out camping most weekends, holidays and indeed, whenever we can. Over the years we have spent over 300 nights in him and he has taken us on several European trips including Provence, the Alps, Northern Spain and Burgundy. In the UK, he has been to Cornwall, Norfolk, Dorset and many times to the Welsh coast, particularly Shell Island, our favourite spot.

As the pictures show, both the bus and the conversion have withstood all that has been thrown at them. We have found the workmanship on the conversion to be excellent, and despite being a little battle scarred, everything still works perfectly and the conversion is still just as good as new. On the odd occasion when we have needed to have work carried out, we have found the Camperking team to provide excellent service and value for money.

Today’s conversions are much improved on the early day ones, so I would have no hesitation in recommending Camperking to you. In fact, now that the time has come for us to buy a new Bus, we have gone back to them for new Billy Bus, who we love already!

Happy camping, Grant and Chrissy.