Gandalf’s Adventures

Dear  Joeleen and the Camper King Team,

It’s been over 3 weeks since I left your showroom on Thursday 9th May 2019 and I just wanted to let you know that I feel like I have been given new lease of life! So much has happened to me in such a short space of time, hence the reason for the delay in writing to you, but thank you so much for welcoming me into the Camper King family as it feels so good to belong.

The drive back to Warrington took longer than expected as the traffic was awful, so I must admit that I felt a little apprehensive and reversing onto the drive at home proved to be a little nervy too! The next day was a more relaxed affair with a short trip to Liverpool VW to have mud flaps and LED DRL fitted, however the lights had not been ordered so I was a bit disappointed as now there is a wait of 6 to 8 weeks. Then Saturday it was off across the M62 in the other direction to Little Weighton near Hull to have a LOC8 Table system fitted into the door and to meet friends for lunch.  It felt much more comfortable driving and parking that day too and I even reversed into the space when I stopped for lunch!


The fun started on the Sunday evening, getting used to the cruise control on the 181 mile drive south to Langford near Bristol, where I was  having an underslung LPG tank fitted. All was going well with just 5 miles to go to the B&B and it getting dark, so imagine my surprise and dismay when an orange warning light came on. After an anxious phone call to a friend, it was decided that it was OK to continue driving along the winding country lane to the B&B, where on checking the handbook  further worrying ensued, as the light indicated there was a fault with the Catalytic Converter and to get the engine checked!!! The guys doing the LPG tank checked it and said it would be OK to drive back to Warrington but to get to VW Commercial ASAP.

On returning home an appointment was made with VW Liverpool to have the fault checked under the VW Warranty. Apparently, there was a Software Update outstanding to do with the AdBlue which had caused the warning light to come on. It was agreed that VW should top up the AdBlue at a charge of £14 and another warning light came on whilst I was driving there but that wasn’t scary as it told me my driver’s side bulb wasn’t working so VW also replaced the Bulb too.

I know neither of these things were actually my fault, but felt dreadful as Karen had been so excited when she came into Camper King to pick me up and I was scared that she would be losing confidence in me.  There were tears of joy in her eyes when she saw me for the first time and I overheard her telling Joeleen on the handover that she loved me and couldn’t believe how gorgeous I was and I was even better than she had expected!! She also told Joeleen that she had named me Gandalf (like The Grey Wizard from The Hobbit) because I was Karen and her husband Steve’s dream come true and we were going to share some magical adventures  together and I was grey too! So I decided to try to see if I actually did have magical powers and it worked, as when she came to pick me up the man at VW said that as I was having more work done i.e. the LED DRL’s there was NOcharge for the AdBlue or the  new bulb either!!…………. It’s a Kinda Magic!!

I went into another country called “Wales” one sunny Wednesday, I think Karen wanted to get to know me better and get used to driving me on more narrow and winding roads too before she took her sisters and Friend out the following weekend. So off we went to Llandudno and the Great Orme, it’s where Karen used to go when she was young. However, she forgot just how narrow, steep and winding the road up to the top is with a couple of really tight hairpin bends too! My steering wheel was starting to hurt as she was gripping me so tight and praying out loud that we didn’t meet anything coming the other way! We got to the top and the views were gorgeous, I have never seen the sea or the mountains before and it was really beautiful, we didn’t stop for long though as she was anxious to get back down safely!!

We made it, even though we met another car and then we stopped at a cafe called the Rest and Be Thankful, which is very aptly named!

You could see right across the Bay and all the way to Angelsey.

After a few days rest, I met Karen’s sisters and their friend and learned that we were going on a 1940’s World War II day out to Haworth. We had a lovely drive to a pretty little Yorkshire town where there was going to be music and dancing. However, there was more dismay as when they tried to play some music, my CD Player wouldn’t work and it made an awful noise.  Different CD’s were tried but it was no use.  They were all disappointed at first but then started chatting and singing anyway when they put the radio on, so it wasn’t too bad. We parked up and they tried to teach me how to Swing Jive but decided it was no use as  I had two Left Wheels!! So off they went, dressed as women who worked in the Munitions Factories in the war coming off the night shift, to then dance the day away, while I waited in the lovely field overlooking the surrounding hills until they came back.



When they got back they didn’t realise that Karen had brought milk, tea bags and biscuits hidden inside me, so for the very first time I had my gas hob on and boiled my lovely new blue whistling kettle to make them all a cuppa!!

Nobody wanted to leave, they were all cosy inside me drinking tea, chatting, watching the lambs and then the sunset over the hills.

We drove home down the narrow country lanes in the dark and all was well until we rounded a bend and Karen spotted 2 ducks in the middle of the road and although we weren’t going very fast the girls had left a bar of chocolate and some sweets on my table and when I braked they all went flying forwards! The good news is that the ducks crossed the road safely and the sweets were all picked up but no one could find the chocolate!!

It was a complete mystery where it had gone. Karen cleaned me out the day after the trip and searched all over inside me  for the missing bar of chocolate but it was now where to be found! I heard her telling her sister that “Gandalf must like Galaxy Caramel as it looks like he’s eaten it!” which of course I hadn’t.

However, this did make me  remember that in my former life someone had pushed something into the slot in my CD player and I had to find away to tell Karen as it was still making me feel ill.

So  I used my magical powers to get Karen to try and play a CD again and  Hey Presto, it made a funny noise and when it was ejected, you’ll never guess what was causing the problem……… a Business Visa Card of all things came out with the CD! The CD player has worked perfectly ever since!!! Gary at Camper King told Karen that if she has any future problems with it they will get it looked at and replaced if necessary, which is very reassuring as she loves playing CD’s and is happy again but I must admit I have to turn the volume up as she really can’t sing!!!

Last week we went into Wales again with Karen’s sisters and her Great Niece and we visited the Great Orme but this time we didn’t go to the top but went to a lovely parking spot to make a cuppa. This was my chance to let them all know what a great catch I am! But first I had to put the thought in Karen’s mind to Swivel the driver’s seat, which she hadn’t done since Haworth not even when she cleaned me. As it was very windy outside they decided that they would sit inside to have a cuppa and as Karen moved the seat forward to  where it needed to be to swivel it, she started to laugh as she could not believe what she was seeing………… It was the missing bar of chocolate!!!

When I had braked to miss the ducks in Howarth, I was very clever and I made sure that I caught the bar of chocolate perfectly underneath the gap of the driver’s seat and it had been there ever since!

They all found it so funny that they sent their friend Anita a photo to say they’d found her chocolate and now they were about to eat it!!

The girls were all having such a good time so I drove to Benllech Bay on Angelsey and parked right by the beach and that’s where Karen got the call from Gary.

Karen had kept the Camper King Service Team updated by email of all the little things that had happened to me since she picked me up , and Gary their Service Manger kindly called Karen to reassure her  about each of the issues raised.

He also told her  that by being part of the Camper King family she had nothing to worry about and would always be looked after.

I know that their conversation restored her love and faith in me to what it was when she first saw me and I was very, very happy about that.

No one wanted to go home from Benllech Bay and Karen seemed to grow in confidence after the phone call with Gary.

So we drove to Caernavon and the lovely castle and that’s where  I felt I really was fit for a King

We visited Llanberis and then crossed the Llandberis mountain pass in the mist and I had my fog lights on for the first time.

Still they didn’t want the day to end so I carried on into Betws y Coed, which is one of their favourite places. I had a rest in the car park while they walked around the lovely town. I assumed we would head off home but they had bought cakes just before the bakery shut and so they wanted to go to Conwy and park on the Quayside for a last cuppa with their cakes!

It was dark by the time we got their but it was beautiful to see the boats on the estuary and the twinkling lights of the castle. They’d never sat in me in the dark before and they all loved my interior lights and the view across the water.

I was getting very tired as it had been a fabulous but very long day and I thought as it was dark they were all going to use my beds and sleep in me but they didn’t. I felt  a bit disappointed as I’d heard Karen say she was going to use me as a day van too.

We got home at 12:50 am and I fell asleep on the drive exhausted but dreaming about the day Karen will stay out overnight in me and  I have a feeling that it won’t be too long now before she does.

So thank you Camper King for transforming me from a hard working panel van into  very handsome Camper Van as I love my new owner.

Karen and I have shared lots of lovely days out so far, but I won’t feel that Ihave fulfilled my true purpose until she stays out overnight in me and when she does I’ll make sure she brings her camera so I can send you some more photo’s.

Bye for now but I’ll be in touch again soon and I’ll tell you about each trip as we make them so you don’t have to read as much all in one go next time!!

Lots of Love

Gandalf xxxx








Monte Carlo (SWB) |

Monte Carlo (SWB) Overview

  • Standard design:
  • Key features:
  • Optional extras:
  • *Finance:

Full pop top roof with adult rated upper bed system 

Rock n roll bed with storage cupboards 

Swivelling front passenger seat 

Combi sink and double hob unit

Full size grill 

50 litre fridge/freezer unit

Sliding coffee table 

Internal touch LED lighting system

Power management system 12v and 240v 

Water gauge and battery level indicators 

Auxiliary 12v fuse board for future upgrades 

Double 240 volt socket

Additional 12 volt sockets

16 amp battery charger unit built in

On board fresh water tank with electric pump (20 litres) 

Gas cupboard isolation taps and testing point unit

Multi storage lockers

Rear boot space for storage 

Spare wheel

12 month warranty 

Colour coded bumpers 

18/20” alloy wheels 

Wind out sunshade

Seats five people with seat belts

Full tested rock n roll bed with inertia seat belts for two people in the rear 

Standard wheelbase chassis offers more convenience and easier parking

Full camper facilities, water, electric supply, gas appliances

Full length pop top roof with upper bed system suitable for adults 

Central heating system, electric or diesel

Solar power upgrade

RIB Altair crash tested 2 seater bed

Camper King M1 safety pull tested bed system 

BBQ gas connection point

Mobile wifi upgrade

Stereo, sat nav and entertainment upgrade 

Tow bar, parking sensors

Exterior styling packages, alloys, sidebars etc 

Specialist upholstery options

*Terms and conditions apply. Deposit amounts may vary. Please contact us for full details.

From a full fit-out to some additional trims, our workshop is fully equipped to cater for it.

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